Thursday, October 11, 2012

October Dress Project: Day Eleven

So I was away from my normal photographers (mom, dad, and sister), so my amazing friend Carolanne took my picture today. She's much more into taking pictures, so this one was posed. (as if that's not obvious...) 
Anyways, today was another babysitting day, so I wanted to be functional but fun. I also didn't have very much time to get ready so it doesn't go very well together... I'm wearing The Dress, my TeenPact shirt (yes, I'm a proud convert), a necklace my sister got me in Rwanda, mismatched knee-high socks (see my post about socks here), converse from my Grandma Sharon, and earrings that I actually bought full price (shock and awe, I know)! What are your thoughts on Day Eleven?

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