Saturday, October 27, 2012

October Dress Project: Day Twenty-Seven

Hello Everyone! Here I am again, still at my sister's school which is why I'm typing this post at one in the morning. I had forgotten to take this picture until midnight, and we were about to go play wiffle ball. My sister (who was taking the picture) says "just make your 'I'm about to go play wiffle ball at midnight for the first time ever' face," and this is the face I came up with. Therefore, this is the face you get...
Today I wore the dress, a red and gray (and a little bit of sparkly silver and pink) striped sweater, silver sparkly TOMS, the traveling earrings, and a black headband. I seriously did look cute before it was the middle of the night, I promise. See y'all tomorrow (or today, rather...)!

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