Monday, June 4, 2012

Polyvore and Fashion Books

Two things I recently discovered that have rocked my fashion world: Polyvore and The Lucky Shopping Manuel. Polyvore I found out about on Pinterest, and The Lucky Shopping Manuel I found at a resale shop. They are both utterly amazing. I even got my sister hooked on Polyvore, and she doesn't even like clothes! The Lucky Shopping Manuel is written by the editors of the Lucky Magazine, a magazine for fashion. It is the most amazing fashion book I've ever read. And I haven't even read the whole thing yet. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for tips on style. I swear, the ladies who wrote this book are older versions of me. It's amazing. I'll leave you with this excerpt from the introduction.

"Our book would also be chock full of helpful style hints that we'd culled from particularly fashionable shop girls, pointers we'd picked up at photo shoots, and ideas we'd spied on the street. It would be the Joy of Cooking, but of shopping and style, and we hoped it would become just as dog-eared, tattered, and loved."
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