Sunday, October 21, 2012

October Dress Project: Day Twenty-One

Lots to talk about today! First is what I wore to church today:
I wore the dress, a super long gray and pink skirt that was an absolute steal at Old Navy. I seriously got about $100 worth of stuff for $10 with coupons, gift cards, and clearance. I also wore a pink undershirt, gray sweater (free!), silver hoop earrings, and a giant pink flower in my hair. Also shown is my awesome grandma (I kept asking her if she wanted to be in the picture, I guess she got tired of my pestering her...). Oh, also I'm wearing black heels, but you can't see them because the skirt is too long.

Alright, next topic: shopping! I went shopping with my family today (mom, grandma, and sister). Both my sister and I got black shoes. "Aw," you say, "y'all are so similar!" Um, let's evaluate what shoes each of us bought...

Maybe you can guess whose are whose?

On another note, I bedazzled my Color Me Rad sunglasses today with my grandma's help! I took the rhinestones from a shirt my sister bought (she obviously didn't want them on her shirt and was going to throw them away!! Well I couldn't let that happen! I had to save those poor rhinestones!) Anyways, that's all I did today, I love lazy Sundays, you get the most done.

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  1. Kasey would like to share shoes with you - but not so much with Tana!


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