Thursday, February 28, 2013

February Report Card

So I have to admit, my report card for this month isn't exactly a passing grade... But February flew by, so hopefully March will go better!

1) Get motivated to do school/don't get behind: B
I'm not behind in English (which is my most important class so I get double points for that), and I'm only a teensy bit behind in Economics and Physics.

2) Go to the gym at least 5 days a week (not including the week-long college trip): D
Yeah, that didn't happen... But with a new month comes new motivation!

3) Successfully complete college tour trip: A+
It was SUPER fun!! I had a blast and found two colleges that I really like!

4) Stop being so stressed out: B-
I've realized that stress isn't exactly something you can turn on and off. But I'm working on giving everything to God and releasing my stress to Him!

And for March my goals will be:

1) Put $200 towards my trip to the Dominican Republic (hear that parents? I'm completely available for babysitting!!)

2) Finish English with an A

3) Catch up on Economics and Physics

4) Run three times a week

Feel free to send me texts/facebook messages/email/phone calls to keep me accountable! I'd love it!

February Joys

So, I've gotten quite behind this month on my Joy Dare. But I'm catching up today, so here are all the joys from February!

94. A comfy Sweatshirt
95. A puffy vest
96. Plump tomatoes
97. Maps
98. Schedules
99. A menu full of Mexican food
100. Ann Voskamp's beautiful words
101. God's promise to revive the contrite heart
102. A challenge for daily study
103. A child to babysit
104. Reclaimed bobby pins
105. Painted toes
106. Cute scarves
107. Paved Roads
108. A community of Christian ladies
109. Pinterest ideas tried
110. The sound of snow crunching under boots
111. A walk with a dear friend
112. Economics I can understand 
113. Finishing yogurt before it expires
114. Finishing reading a research book
115. Plumbing
116. Washing machines
117. Iron Man pants
118. Peace while taking my midterm
119. an early night
120. Free shoes
121. Cheesy pick up lines between friends
122. Bowling
123. Ridiculous dance moves
124. The sheen of sweat that shows you're working hard
125. Getting a week's worth of physics done in a day
126. Stretching
127. People that are hard to love
128. Stopping the glorification of busy
129. One last writing course
130. Bathrooms
131. My own room
132. A quiet space where I could finish my paper
133. Heat seaters
134. Hugs from my momma
135. When the baby finally falls asleep
136. Sweet people at the library
137. Finding new shoes with a friend
138. Yummy soup
139. Gorgeous sunsets
140. The dry cracked land of Texas
141. Forgotten/Re-found clothes
142. A rested momma
143. The excitement of a gift
144. Ice cream
145. An encouraging email
146. An acceptance letter
147. A well loved recipe
148. Staying in New York
149. A quiet night at home
150. A lovely college visit
151. Extra thick smoothies
152. An unexpected pizza
153. The smell of rice cooking
154. Notebooks
155. My research paper almost done
156. A coffee cup full of frozen blueberries
157. Big fluffy snowflakes
158. Clean laundry
159. Les Mis on repeat
160. Already canned tomatoes
161. Cutting boards
162. A sturdy table
163. A picture drawn just for me
164. God's love on the pages of the Bible
165. A brand new jar of peanut butter
166. Exhaustion after a work out
167. New outfits put together
168. Only bringing two bags to the gym
169. Clear instructions
170. Plans with my sister
171. Remembering funny stories
172. Cleaning my room
173. Old Books
174. Tennis shoes
175. My daddy's love
176. God's already kept promises
177. Being OK after moving

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

You Might Be In...

I went home this past week! It was only for two days, but still. So I decided to put together a list of "You Might Be In Texas If..." Enjoy!

You Might be in Texas If...
  1. A tumbleweed blows across the field full of frolicking baby cows
  2. The patch of water in which you can see the grass growing from the bottom is called a lake
  3. The dry ditch has a bridge over it and is labeled "creek" in hopes that someday there will be water in it
  4. The sun is shining through the pouring rain
  5. The sun is shining and it's 30 degrees with gale force winds
  6. The sun is shining and it's 50 degrees
  7. 4-6 happened in 24 hours
  8. There are more people on your college tour wearing cowboy boots than all other shoes combined
  9. You're disappointed you didn't bring yours
  10. The boy who holds the door open says "You're welcome ma'am, y'all have a nice day"-every time.
  11. Pictures of Texas on random signs do not look stupid
  12. The radio station host switches from English to Spanish without a second thought
  13. You know more about the person standing next to you on your college tour than you do about your next door neighbor in New York
  14. The "authentic Mexican food" sign is not lying
  15. And last, you might be from Texas if your first thought upon seeing the flat, brown, dry land is "God made this gorgeous state for me." <3
We also went to Michigan on this trip and thought we'd share a little Michigan humor with y'all today.
You Might be from Michigan If...
  1. Everyone is related
  2. Everyone knows you
  3. If the they doesn't know you they know your brother
  4. If they don't know your brother they know your cousin
  5. They probably are your cousin

New Shoes!!

So I went shopping and bought new shoes!! I also recently got a pair of shoes from a friend so I decided to do a whole post about my new shoes! The best part is now I have five pairs of new shoes and I only spent $30! I love thrift stores!
 Aren't these adorable? Just green flats with a bow on the toe- $4
 These are the ones from a friend; I love them! Super adorable and warm enough to wear in this cold weather!
 I have been looking for navy blue shoes for a REALLY long time and I finally found some for only $4! I actually wore these without tights last Sunday, just because they matched my outfit so well!
 These were the most expensive because they were at a real store, but they were half off! I got them for only $15!

And these are probably my favorite, I LOVE the color! I got them for only $7!

My philosophy of life, found on Pinterest!
 So true, also found on Pinterest! Although here in New York it could be "the act of wearing shoes that will make your feet ridiculously cold just because they look good" :)

Valentine's Day Revisited

So I'm not sure if it counts as revisited if I didn't visit it in the first place, but here's my Valentine's Day post quite a bit late... I have a good reason though, I went college visiting! Anyways, back to Valentine's Day.
 I'm wearing warm things because it's still super cold here! My button up shirt was thrifted, the scarf was a gift, tights from Claire's, new shoes from a friend who was cleaning out, and heart earrings from Claire's as well.
 I also made cookies for my friend because I have no craft supplies here so I was forced to bake something. Twist my arm, right?

A different friend sent me this for Valentine's Day, and I had to share.

And yes, this is my favorite Valentine's Day present. Just my favorite One Direction band member, Louis. My sister calls him my "man on a chain." She thinks it's creepy that I carry him around in my purse...
Anyways, Happy Belated Valentine's Day!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Super Bowl Style

I am not a football person. I don't understand it, I don't particularly enjoy watching it, and yet I go to the Super Bowl parties. Why? Because I am a social person and I like to eat. Yesterday was no different. I went to the on post youth group's Super Bowl party, and I had a blast! However, because I am not a football person, I had no idea who to root for, and thus what to wear. I obviously do not have a team jersey I can wear! Someone had told me that the two teams were red and purple, and my mother had the fabulous idea of wearing both! 
I am wearing a red long sleeved top, a purple sweater, a black skirt, red tights, purple knee-high socks with red triangles, my wool multi-colored TOMS, my red scarf, and a purple ring that is way too big for any of my fingers so it kept falling off. This picture was taken before I had earrings on, but I was also wearing cute little ladybug earrings. And thus whichever team won, I could technically say I rooted for them by wearing their team colors. :) I also made cookies, because I can't go to a party without making something sweet and they were fabulous, if I do say so myself. I found the recipe on Pinterest (I'm addicted). They were cookie dough on the bottom, then a layer of oreos, then brownies; baked at 350 for 35 minutes. SO RICH. SO GOOD. But be warned, take these somewhere because if you leave them home you will eat them all and gain 20 pounds. I'm not kidding, they are addicting.

January Report Card

Hello everyone! Here is my report card for my goals for January, as well as my new goals for this month. It is a few days late, but what can you do without much internet at your house? 

1) Start the Push-up challenge again: B
I did start, but not until quite a ways into the month, and then we got a gym membership so I have been doing machines there instead of push-ups.

2) Finish packing and moving without complaining: A
I won't lie, this one was really hard. But I think I did alright, and now we're here and everything is good!

3) Complete my next two weight goals: ??
After making this goal and then moving to a different house/state, I realized we didn't bring the scale, so I have no idea where I am for this goal.

4) Try out Zumba and/or Yoga: A+
I have now been to two zumba classes (they meet once a week and I had to get settled before adding anything to the schedule). It is SO FUN! I will definitely continue going.

And now my February goals:

1) Get motivated to do school/don't get behind
2) Go to the gym at least 5 days a week (not including the week-long college trip)
3) Successfully complete the college tour trip
4) Stop being so stressed out

January Joys

Here are January's Joy Dares all in one place. To see them daily you can friend me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter (@normandyrose)!

1. Little voices praying the Lord's Prayer
2. Rain
3. Conversations with friends
4. The sun
5. Electric heating
6. Chocolate Cheesecake
7. A mom who cares
8. A quiet heart
9. Jokes
10. Thrift Shop treasures
11. New recipes tried
12. Long sleeves on a cold day
13. Texts from friends
14. Room for lots of people
15. A cake rising in the oven
16. My driver's licence
17. Flavored coffee
18. Excitement
19. Butterfly Kisses
20. "I'll buy those shoes for you"
21. "Thank You, God, for corn on the cob"
22. My room before morning
23. Days past
24. Days to come
25. Spencer
26. Tall trees
27. Elsa
28. Pickles
29. Chocolate cookies
30. One last playdate before a long break
31. Rays of sunshine bursting though the clouds
32. Speckled bananas
33. Mac and cheese
34. That it's above 70 in January
35. My bed
36. My puppy
37. Clear skin
38. Lengthening hair
39. Faith
40. Fog
41. Patience
42. Life
43. Colored jeans
44. A smile
45. A new home
46. Snow
47. Productivity
48. Trust
49. White Collar on DVD
50. Meeting new people
51. The library
52. "I will never leave you"
53. "All things work together for those who love God"
54. "Be still and know that I am God"
55. My phone
56. Reunions
57. Our oven
58. Books
59. The design of a snowflake
60. Coat buttons
61. A break from the snow flurries
62. A tall glass of water
63. A number frequently dialed
64. A new library card
65. Proctor information
66. A gym membership
67. Hope
68. Comfort
69. A listening ear
70. Blue skies
71. Yoga pants
72. Waterproofer for my shoes
73. A heavy coat
74. Time to skype with my besties
75. My love for books
76. Waking up slowly
77. Swimming
78. Family time
79. Our kitchenaide mixer
80. The popcorn maker
81. Breakfast for dinner
82. Phone numbers of people who live here
83. A party invitation
84. Other people's opinion
85. The Doctor Who theme song
86. "goodnight"
87. The sun melting the ice
88. Green grass
89. A long run without pain
90. Reruns of The Big Bang Theory
91. Finishing a Physics test
92. Laughing at silly puns
93. Remembering the Dominican Republic
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