Monday, January 28, 2013

Cold Person Style

So I've lived in New York for 13 days now; it's very cold. I didn't really realize how little warmth the clothes I brought from South Carolina would give! I've become a very proficient layerer. Here is an outfit I wore yesterday to the on-post youth group! I had to wear two sweaters and a long sleeve t-shirt, plus a coat over that, and I was still cold!
Final Look
 I wore my new coral skinny jeans (PX), a lace sweater (I have no idea where I got it, I've had it forever), a white long-sleeved t-shirt (Old Navy), a yellow sweater over that (probably thrifted I'm not sure), wool TOMS with fur inside (thank you grandma Lillian!), a dragonfly ring, and butterfly earrings.

This is the sweater I wore underneath

Just to show how much snow we are getting! This isn't actually much at all, but it finally started snowing really hard, so I had to take a picture! This is from today, but it has already stopped snowing and is creeping up in the 30's! I'm so excited for Wednesday, it's supposed to get up to 56!! I went ice skating today and met some new people, plus I only fell once so that was really fun! I already have a library card and a membership to the YMCA, which are both withing walking distance of my house, so that's really nice. I'm starting to get settled into life here, I'm going shopping at the mall (which they're planning on expanding to make it bigger than the Mall of America!!) with some friends soon, and I'm going to a Super Bowl party this week too! So far I like New York, even though it is REALLY cold! They have really good thrift shops here, so I'll definitely be a regular at those! 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! It's officially 2013! This year is going to be huge for me: we're moving in a couple weeks, my dad will be deploying in a few months, I'm finishing up Junior year and starting Senior year, I'm looking at and applying to colleges, and hopefully staying sane through it all! I never really stuck with New Year's Resolutions, so I'm changing it up a little bit in two ways. One: I'm participating in The Joy Dare, and will post my gifts monthly here and daily through Facebook and Twitter. Two: I've decided to have monthly goals. I got this idea from a different blog and it seems much more doable than a resolution for the whole year. Each month I will set a couple goals and at the end of the month I'll let you all know how I did. Feel free to keep me accountable!

This month my goals are:
1) Start the push-up challenge again
2) Finish packing and move without complaining
3) Complete my next two weight goals
4) Try out Zumba and/or Yoga
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