Friday, May 17, 2013

Men's Shirt Refashion

So I was browsing Pinterest (how many of my stories start with that phrase, I wonder...) and I came across a pin to refashion a men's dress shirt into a skirt. I knew I had to try it. Unfortunately, when I pinned it our sewing machine was in South Carolina. That didn't stop me from buying the materials, though! I got the men's shirt from a thrift store for (I think) about $2. 3 months later I actually made the skirt.
 This is what the shirt looked like when I bought it.
 This is my "do you think it will look good as a skirt?" face
Finished product!
I ended up having to pleat it in the back because when I added more fabric to make it big enough I made it too big...
 Side view: it goes up on the sides and is slightly longer in the back, giving it a slight high-low effect. 
So how did I do it? I followed these directions. Basically, cut off your sleeves with the seam on the sleeve side. Cut as far up as you are able to get the collar off, making sure you get the back yoke. Take a skirt that already fits you and measure the back against the back of the shirt. You should fold the shirt so all the buttons are on one side and the middle of the back is on the other. Fold your skirt so the middle of the back matches the middle of the back of the shirt. Cut around the skirt. For the front you just lay the front of the skirt against the front of the shirt (lain normally, not folded) and cut around it. Then, if you picked the right size men's shirt you can simply sew your front and back together and you're done. However, if you picked the wrong size shirt because you were guessing instead of measuring, you can cut up your sleeves and add more fabric to each side of the back. Then you sew your (newly larger) back to the front. You can make a waistband out of the other half of the sleeve and sew that to the top, making pleats as needed. Then you hem the bottom, sew the front together so your skirt doesn't flap open, add buttons to the waistband so your skirt doesn't fall down, and voila! You're done! I left the hem of the shirt as the hem for my skirt because I liked the look of the high-low, but you can straight hem around if you like that better. What do you think?
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