Thursday, May 9, 2013

Life of an Army Brat

So what do you do on May 9th when your house looks like this:

And you have 6 psychology papers due tomorrow?

You (or at least I) make Christmas ornaments!
I saw this idea on Pinterest (I'm addicted) a while back, and my mom had seen it somewhere else too, and we knew we definitely had to do it this move! Every Army family (and maybe other branches too? I'm not sure) knows that when you move your entire house is covered in these stickers (red, yellow, or blue, sometimes a combination because you had too much crap...). Why not make a keepsake out of them? You're going to peel them off anyway (or maybe you'll just leave them on to confuse the next movers. We've done that a few times, it's pretty hysterical :) But anyway, back to the point. It's super easy to do: go to a craft store and buy those decorate it yourself (a whole new DIY!) Christmas ornaments, peel off your moving stickers and stick them too the ball. Viola! You're done! Now back to psychology...

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