Monday, June 10, 2013

Pinterest Weekend Installment Two: Silverware Jewelry

If you missed the first installment (DIY backpacks with only one yard of fabric) you can find it here.
 Four hours of sleep later we were back in crafting business!

 The most we paid for these were $1 each, but some we got for less.
 The first one cut! We cut the handles off with a hacksaw and then sanded the edges with a fancy sander thing that my dad said to use. (Funny story: when we first got back to the house after shopping we were telling my mom all about our plans and mentioned this project. She skeptically asked, "how are you going to get the handle off the spoon?" I immediately looked to my dad and said, "you have a tool thing, right?" He did, just like I thought he would :) He even had a cool sander thing so sanding look less than two minutes instead of thirty) It was taking FOREVER to hammer the spoons into ring shape so I thought, "we should figure out if my dad has a torch of some kind in this massive garage." I was right! He had a propane lighter thing that I figured we could use. Once again, my parents were gone (they like to be out of the house during the awake portions of my sleepovers so the estrogen level in the house doesn't overwhelm my dad), so I was left to figure out how to turn it on by myself (well, myself and Gabby, but our collective brain power on such things is minimal.) It took us about 10 minutes to figure out how to get the thing lit, but once it was lit we were in business!
We were super safety conscious, can't you tell? Gabby said "I think I should put my hair up so it doesn't get burned, but then I have to go inside and get a hair tie..." I told her that sticking it in her hood would probably work. We couldn't find any safety glasses so sunglasses are basically the same thing, right? Anyways, once we had the torch it was lots easier to get the spoon to bend, but we still couldn't get the thicker part of the handle to bend. By then we were ready to move on to the next pinterest idea and contented ourselves with two-finger rings.

Please ignore my ridiculously short fingers and chipped nail polish. Thank you.
 Gabby's ring
Isn't her nail color absolutely adorable? I think so too.
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  1. Oh my golly! That is cool! I remember that torch thing during the packing. And, didn't you have that spoon on when you were down South last?

    1. Yes! I was going to bring it to the DR, but I forgot it in your bathroom!


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