Thursday, June 13, 2013

DIY Dry Shampoo

So as many of you know, I'm going on a missions trip to the Dominican Republic in a few weeks and I'm SUPER excited! I went last year and learned a ton! Among the less important things I learned was that we don't get to wash our hair every day. Therefore, unless I have super clean looking hair without showering (which isn't true), half the time I look like a greasy mess. I thought this year it would be great to bring some dry shampoo to lessen the greasy mess. But being the cheap dutch girl I am, I thought I'd make it myself. I used this recipe, and it works fantastically! It's really simple: one part cornstarch one part baking soda and essential oils if you want them. Have you ever tried dry shampoo? Do you have a favorite recipe?
Maybe one day I'll be fancy and add labels to all these bathroom products I keep making.. In the meantime I'll just photoshop them on!

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  1. Baby powder works great. I use it when I go on hooping retreats or am in a hurry in the morning. (I got this tip from some camper friends of mine.)

    1. That's awesome! I actually have quite an overload of baby powder right now, and I have absolutely no idea where it all came from!


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