Monday, June 3, 2013

Bubble Love

 No we're not drinking; yes we are blowing bubbles; yes we are 17; no we are not ashamed. :) This is one of those Pin Win situations, and let's be honest, those are the best kind of situations. There are only five things you need to make this Incredibly Fun Bubble Pin Win Situation and those things are: 1. a plastic bottle 2. dish soap 3. water 4. a dish rag and 5. a best friend (you could do without a best friend, but your IFBPWS won't be nearly as fun without her). So it's super easy to do this. You cut the bottom off your bottle and rubber band (I lied, you need six things) your dish rag to the bottom. Then fill a bowl with one part dish soap and two parts water. Then dip the dish rag end of your bottle into the soapy water and create bubbles! 
 Even Hank liked the bubbles!
 It is also possible to have a bubble war, which I would highly recommend.

You too can be this happy, just blow bubbles with (at) a best friend :)
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