Monday, September 30, 2013

October Dress Project 2013: Altering The Dress

Has October sneaked up on anyone else? I feel like yesterday it was August and the first day of school! However, tomorrow is the first day of October and thus the first day of The October Dress Project! (more information on the project here) This will be my third year doing the project, and I'm really excited to do a maxi dress this year! The first year I did a red dress (I hadn't made the blog yet so I don't have any posts including that dress), which was pretty challenging, but not too bad. Last year I did a short black dress (see all of last year's posts here), and that was pretty easy. So I thought I'd do something more difficult this year. Enter the maxi dress :). 
 I would have shown you how it looked on, before alterations, but you probably don't want to see that.. It was QUITE the v-neck. I got it at Salvation Army for a few bucks, thinking that if I could add some fabric to the top it would be great and if not, I didn't waste too much money. Well once I got started, I decided the velvet needed to be taken off too, so it turned into kind of a long project, but I really like the way it turned out!
 Top, before.
 I had a black tank top that I thought I'd just add to the existing top. After seeing how that looked, however, I decided I needed to cut the top out first, and then sew the lace to the tank top, then sew the tank top to the skirt again. 
 Sorry for the blurry pictures, but at this point it was like midnight so it was pretty dark in my house.. After the lace was tacked to the shirt I just sewed it back onto the skirt (which I had taken the velvet off of. If I ever seam rip another seam it will be too soon!). You'll have to wait until tomorrow for the finished result as I haven't taken any pictures of the full dress yet! See you tomorrow!

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