Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Socks, the Knee-High Kind

I love socks. They are amazing. Apparently, people have caught on to this love of socks, because I keep receiving socks as presents, which is ok with me! I now have 8 pairs of knee-high socks. It seems that socks are normal thing to comment on, or at least an easy thing to comment on, because people always comment. I even had a random ride-runner at the fair tell me he liked my socks, which was interesting. Anyway, since I love them so much, I thought I'd share them with you and give you a little history on my sock collection. :)
 I recently received these socks for my birthday. It turns out they match this green shirt I have perfectly, so I wore them right away!
 I got these miss-matched socks, along with another one that has stars on it, in Washington DC some years back. These are the ones that evoked a comment from the fair guy... Good thing? Hmm..
 My lovely sister got me these socks for me for Christmas last year, I love the buttons!!
I'm not actually sure whether my mom got these for me or my grandma did, but I got them awhile ago. They pretty much go with anything and can be worn anywhere. Plus, they're adorable! :)
 My Grandma picked out these socks for me for Christmas last year, they actually have pink and red triangles on them. When I wore them the first time with red shoes, and a pink and purple shirt my sister and I argued for a good 5 minutes about whether the socks actually had red on them. Needless to say, I won.
 These are actually the first knee-high socks I received, and I got them to wear underneath a pair of boots that I have. They soon made it out from under the boots!
 I suppose these don't particularly count as socks, but I added them in anyway, because I love them! When I showed them to my mom after I bought them I could sense some disapproval. "You don't like them?" I asked. She replied, "I didn't think leg warmers were cute when they were in style, no I don't like them." I wear them anyway...
And lastly, these I received for my most recent birthday from my Aunt. They will most definitely be worn on Easter Sunday. (And maybe Saturday too...)

So anyway, that's my tale of socks, because socks are amazing. They liven up any outfit and make me feel little again! :)

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