Tuesday, September 25, 2012

London Styles, Past and Present

Yes I realize this is a picture of a total stranger,
it's all for the shorts and tights!
Hello everyone! Long time no see (or read, as the case may be...)! So as many of you know, I went to London this past summer, and was astonished at the difference in styles between Londoners and Americans. Three things that were especially prominent in their present style were Converse shoes, ankle boots, and shorts and tights. I've always believed in shorts and tights, so when I noticed it was all the rage (I saw people wearing shorts and tights over 100 times!) in London I got pretty excited! And ankle boots are just adorable.
I also got the fabulous opportunity while I was there to see some of Princess Dianna's clothes! She had an amazing sense of style. I also got to see some dresses though the ages, some were pretty hysterical!
How would you even walk in this?

Words of Wisdom from Kensington Palace

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  1. I definitely need to go there next I am over.
    I love the top two Diana dresses!


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